The False Bay Hospital Trust was established in 2017 to improve and upgrade public healthcare in the False Bay Region. We are an independent non-profit Trust which relies upon the generosity and philanthropy of donors to fund the upgrade and advancement of healthcare and facilities at the False Bay Hospital.

The False Bay Hospital Trust (FBHT) is the Fundraising arm of the False Bay Hospital (FBH) and is a registered non-profit Trust. The False Bay Hospital (FBH), based in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, is a district hospital funded by the Western Cape Health Department. The hospital has many urgent needs including more staff, much needed infrastructure, life -saving equipment and a plan to create sustainability. The hospital has also seen a rapidly increasing headcount and growing burden of disease.

Problems Addressed

The Western Cape faces numerous challenges in managing public healthcare. These include the high incidence of communicable diseases such as: Tuberculosis (TB); HIV and Aids; sexually transmitted diseases (STD’S) and the high incidence of trauma and injury mainly resulting from road accident and inter-personal violence, related to the high incidence of alcohol abuse.

Other prevalent health conditions include Ischaemic heart disease, Diabetes and cerebrovascular disease. Other challenges are associated with poor diets, environmental issues and ensuring equitable access to medical facilities and services for all. In the Southern District 435 703 people are dependent on public healthcare.

the solution

The FBHT (False Bay Hospital Trust) has been set up to fund-raise for the growth and sustainability of the False Bay Hospital. This is a replication of The Red Cross Hospital Trust that has seen the transformation of the Red Cross Hospital. The Trust aims to raise funds to support, augment and improve health services and infrastructure of the False Bay Hospital.

Where will donations be used?