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September Newsletter

The False Bay Hospital Trust would like to thank all our valued supporters who rallied to assist False Bay Hospital during the critical period of Covid-19. The generous donations of linen, contributions towards PPE, an Industrial Washing Machine and other Covid- related needs are deeply appreciated. Please continue to support the False Bay Hospital Trust […]

July 2020 Newsletter

The False Bay Hospital Trust ran a fundraising Campaign to assist the False Bay Hospital with a shortage of linen and blankets due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and received an amazing response from communities near and far. Thank you so much to all the wonderful volunteer networks and individuals who donated so generously to our cause. Your ongoing support and […]

April Newsletter

covid sign

The False Bay Hospital Trust is overwhelmed by the wonderful support and generosity of our communities, who have responded to various appeals to assist the False Bay Hospital over the Covid-19 pandemic.Thank you so much for your kind generosity and support over this challenging and trying time. The False Bay Hospital has benefited tremendously from your valuable contributions and assistance provided […]